A Board of Directors governs LETA. The Board of Directors consists of seven members. The seven members include; one representative from the City of Loveland who is the Mayor Pro Tem or their appointee, one representative from the City of Fort Collins who is appointed by the City Manager’s office, one representative from Larimer County who is appointed by the County Commissioners, one representative from the Hospital Districts who is appointed by the LETA Board, one representative from the Fire Districts who is appointed by the LETA Board, one member from the Town of Estes Park who is appointed by the LETA Board, and one member from the small town’s including Colorado State University, who is appointed by the LETA Board.

LETA Bylaws 2009
Mission Statement
Surcharge Resolution 2017

The LETA Board meets bi-monthly in the Board Room of the Authority offices located at 380 N. Wilson Ave, Loveland CO 80537

The 911 Board Regular Session is normally held on the first Wednesday of even-numbered months (barring any unforeseen circumstances or schedule conflicts), and begins promptly at 9:00AM.

Pursuant to the Colorado Open Meeting Law, C.R.S. § 26-6-401 et seq., these board agendas are posted prior to board meetings, at the LETA offices and on this web site.

LETA Annual Reports

Every year LETA will produce an annual report that reflects on accomplishments, challenges, and work load from the previous year. LETA also undergoes an outside independent financial audit. The audit is included in each annual report as well as the current and projected financial position of LETA.

LETA Annual Report 2007
LETA Annual Report 2008
LETA Annual Report 2009
LETA Annual Report 2010
LETA Annual Report 2011
LETA Annual Report 2012
LETA Annual Report 2013
LETA Annual Report 2014
LETA Annual Report 2015
LETA Annual Report 2016

Strategic Plan

LETA has produced two strategic plans, one in 2001 and another in 2012. The strategic plans address strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The report is an opportunity for LETA to refocus on their mission and ensure they are planning and predicting what lies ahead for the organization and in return, for our citizens.

LETA Strategic Plan 2001
LETA Strategic Plan 2012

LETA Lowdown 

LETA Lowdown July 2014
LETA Lowdown Jan 2015 

Board Meeting Minutes


LETA Meeting Minutes February 7 2018


LETA Meeting Minutes February 1, 2017
LETA Meeting Minutes April 5 2017
LETA Meeting Minutes June 7 2017
LETA Meeting Minutes August 2 2017
LETA Meeting Minutes December 7 2017


       LETA Meeting Minutes February 3, 2016
       LETA Meeting Minutes April 6, 2016
       LETA Meeting Minutes June 1 2016
      LETA Meeting Minutes August 3 2016
       LETA Meeting Minutes Sept 7 2016
       LETA Meeting Minutes October 5 2016
       LETA Meeting Minutes December 7 2016



       LETA Meeting Minutes February 4 2015
       LETA Meeting Minutes April 1 2015
       LETA Meeting Minutes June 3 2015
       LETA Meeting Minutes August 5 2015
       LETA Meeting Minutes October 7 2015
       LETA Meeting Minutes December 2 2015



LETA Meeting Minutes January 15 2014
LETA Meeting Minutes March 5 2014
LETA Meeting Minutes April 2 2014
LETA Meeting Minutes May 7 2014
LETA Meeting Minutes July 2 2014
LETA Meeting Minutes August 6 2014
LETA Meeting Minutes Oct 1 2014
LETA Meeting Minutes Nov 12 2014



LETA Meeting Minutes Jan 2 2013
LETA Meeting Minutes Feb 6 2013
LETA Meeting Minutes Mar 6 2013
LETA Meeting Minutes April 2 2013
LETA Meeting Minutes May 1 2013
LETA Meeting Minutes June 5 2013
LETA Meeting Minutes July 3 2013
LETA Meeting Minutes August 7 2013
LETA Meeting Minutes September 4 2013
LETA Meeting Minutes October 2 2013
LETA Meeting Minutes November 6 2013
LETA Meeting Minutes December 4 2013

Board Meeting Agendas


February 2018 LETA Board Agenda
April 2018 LETA Board Agenda


      Feb 2017 LETA Board Agenda
      Apr 2017 LETA Board Agenda
      June 2017 LETA Board Agenda
      Aug 2017 LETA Board Agenda
October 2017 LETA Board Agenda
December 2017 LETA Board Agenda


       February 2016 LETA Board Agenda
       April 2016 LETA Board Agenda
       June 2016 LETA Board Agenda
       June 2016 LETA Board Agenda
       August 2016 LETA Board Agenda
       September 2016 LETA Board Agenda
       Oct 2016 LETA Board Agenda
       Dec 2016 LETA Board Agenda


       February 2015
       April 2015 
       June 2015
       August 2015
       October 2015
      December 2015



January 2014 Meeting and Retreat Agenda
March 2014 Agenda
April 2014 Agenda
May 2014 Agenda
July 2014 Agenda
August 2014 Agenda
October 2014 Agenda
2014 Meeting and Retreat Agenda
December  2014 LETA Agenda


January 2013 Meeting and Retreat Agenda
February 2013 LETA Agenda
March 2013 LETA Agenda
April 2013 LETA Agenda
May 2013 LETA Agenda
June 2013 LETA Agenda
July 2013 LETA Agenda
August 2013 LETA Agenda
September 2013 LETA Agenda
October 2013 LETA Agenda
November 2013 LETA Agenda
December 2013 LETA Agenda

Board Members

Berthoud Fire
Representing Fire Districts
Steve Charles, Fire Chief
PO Box 570
Berthoud, CO 80513
City of Loveland
Representing City of Loveland
Bill Westbrook, IT Director
500 E 3rd St
Loveland, CO 80537
Fort Collins Police Services
Representing City of Fort Collins
Greg Yeager, Deputy Chief
PO Box 580
Fort Collins, CO 80522
Town of Estes Park
Representing Small Towns
Wes Kufeld, Police Chief
PO Box 1287
Estes Park, CO 80517
Thompson Valley EMS
Representing Emergency Med Services
Randy Lesher, Chief
380 N. Wilson Ave
Loveland, CO 80538
Colorado State University
Representing Small Towns
Frank Johnson, Assistant Chief
750 Meridian Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80523
Larimer County Sheriff’s Office
Representing Larimer County
John Manago, Captain
2501 Midpoint Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Term Appointment
Term Expiration
Greg Yeager
12/31/2017 1st term
Frank Johnson
12/31/2018 – 3rd term
Bill Westbrook
12/31/2017 – 4th term
John Manago
12/31/2018 – 1st term
Randy Lesher
Vice Chair
12/31/2018 – 5th term
Steve Charles
12/31/2017 – 4th term
Wes Kufeld
12/31/2017 – 4th term
Tracy Oldemeyer
Legal Counsel
Kimberly Culp
Chief Executive Officer
Ed Roth
Technical Manager
Val Turner
Operational Manager