CenturyLink has a phone service outage in the area of Red Feather Lakes, Livermore, and Bellvue. People in this area may not be able to reach 9-1-1 on their phones. If you have an outage on your landline and need 9-1-1, please try your cell phone, or try to text 9-1-1 from your cell device. CenturyLink is on their way to the area to work on a repair.

Current Time: 17:05:52
Message Sender: Kimberly Culp
Today’s Date: 09-20-2019
Agency Name: Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority
Carrier: CenturyLink
Infrastructure Impact: 9-1-1 Landline Outage
Area: Red Feather Lakes, Bellvue, Livermore

We will provide updates on social media as we receive them from CenturyLink.