Colorado is Leading by Example and Taking Action to Address COVID-19
On 3/22/2020, Governor Polis announced new executive actions to protect the health and safety of Coloradoans. He signed an executive order directing all of Colorado’s non-critical employers to reduce their in-person workforce by 50 percent. The executive order directs all employers to implement telework options to the greatest extent possible.
The critical workplaces that are exempt include:
• Health care operations.
• Critical Infrastructure, including utilities, fuel supply and transmission, public water, telecommunications, transportation, hotels, organizations that provide for disadvantaged people, and food supply chain.
• Critical Manufacturing, including food, beverages, chemicals, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, sanitary products, agriculture.
• Critical Retail, including grocery stores, liquor stores, farms, gas stations, restaurants and bars for takeout, marijuana dispensaries but only for medical or curbside delivery, hardware stores.
• Critical Services, including trash and recycling, mail, shipping, laundromats, child care, building cleaning and maintenance, auto supply and repair, warehouses/distribution, funeral homes, crematoriums, cemeteries, animal shelters and rescues.
• News Media.
• Financial Institutions.
• Providers of Basic Necessities to Economically Disadvantaged Populations.
• Construction.
• Defense.
• Public Safety Services like law enforcement, fire prevention and response, EMTs, security, disinfection, cleaning, building code enforcement, snow removal, auto repair.
• Vendors that Provide Critical Services or Products including logistics, child care, tech support, or contractors with critical government services.
• “Critical Government Functions.”